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Buying Your First Suit

Buying Your First Suit

Jonathan Reid owner, Jeffrey Ives, sitting on a couch wearing a suit

For any man, buying their first suit should be a memorable experience.

In most cases, a guy’s first suit is a sign that they are growing up; from adolescent to young man. Typically, the first suit is for college, a job interview, a family wedding or party, or just to have for a spur of the moment event. In almost every case (aside from needing a suit for a funeral which one will be a pallbearer) a man’s first suit should always be navy blue or medium/charcoal grey. The reasons for this are numerous.

First, navy blue and grey suits are appropriate for every occasion. The rules are much less stringent for funerals than in years past, and a dark suit in any color is sufficient. On the contrary, one should never wear a black suit to someone else’s wedding, unless the invitation specifically states “Black Tie, or Black Tie Optional.” Blue or grey suits are much more appropriate for weddings or other parties than black is.

Second, blue and grey suits allow you multiple options in terms of shoes, whether it be tan, cognac, oxblood, or for more formal occasions, black shoes. If you own only a black suit, you are married to black shoes only, which significantly limits your accessory options.

Third, and specifically with a solid navy suit, you can use the jacket in place of the traditional blue blazer and wear the jacket with khakis, or grey pants for events that may not require a suit. If you are going to the track, or out to dinner with your girlfriend/wife in the summer, maybe a suit is a bit much. Partner that navy jacket with khakis and a pair of tan loafers and you are all ready to place your bet at the track.

Ultimately, your first suit is an investment that should last you a good bit of time, and be very flexible. You want to get the most bang for your buck, while still looking great for any occasion that you wear it. Any good clothing consultant will steer you in the direction of a blue or grey suit for your first suit. Trust their advice, you will be very glad that you did.

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