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My Top 2 Reasons to Get Dressed and Ready Everyday

My Top 2 Reasons to Get Dressed and Ready Everyday

Put your best foot forward every time you wake and start your day! These are my top 2 reasons to get dressed and ready everyday.

1.  Mindset: Although it may be cliche, it is very true that when you feel like you look especially nice and “buttoned up,” you feel better about yourself. Not in a vain way, but in a “I got this” way; which is extremely important when tackling many of the tasks we face today. If something as simple as taking a shower and putting your suit on gives you a self-esteem boost, isnt it worth the 30 minutes? The better we feel about how we look dictates much of how we feel about everything else in our life… putting it that way makes it a no-brainer.

2.  Instills Confidence: When other people see that no matter what the circumstances, positive or negative, you are ready and willing to get up and tackle the day, you become revered as the person that is “unflappable.” With this reputation comes much responsibility, but it can also put you in position to be assigned more challenging tasks that come with greater scrutiny, and hopefully, higher pay. To be seen as someone that is dependable, reliable, and always ready for action would do wonders for your career.